"A fantastic school with a real family feel. My daughter enjoys every lesson and

skill development is well balanced with team work and fun. Recommend to anyone!" 

Danielle Niemeier - Elévation Parent for 9 years and counting

Our Philosophy

Dancing and the performing arts are a wonderful medium to develop confidence, self-discipline, poise, rhythm and teamwork skills.

At Elévation School of Performing Arts we strive to recognise and nurture each students individual talents, whilst challenging and broadening each students abilities. Lessons are held in creative, professional, caring and most importantly fun environment, that aims not only to increase student’s confidence but also foster a love of all aspects of the performing arts. We believe in letting children be children, with age appropriate choreography, music and costumes.


At Elévation School of Performing Arts we realise the majority of students do not wish to pursue a career in the performing arts, rather participate purely for enjoyment and fitness purposes. We do also offer a Performance Troupe for those wishing to extend themselves and their abilities. Elévation makes a conscious effort made to keep costs to a minimum for families. We offer early bird payment discounts, sibling discounts, referral discounts and costumes capped at $60 paid by instalments through-out the year.

2017 Elevation Year in Review!

Elévation School Of Performing Arts

0422 614 742


- Unit 26, 24 Garling Road, Kings Park

- Blacktown Leisure Centre, corner of Sentry Drive & Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope Gardens

as they gain confidence, & have FUN!

With age appropriate steps, and costumes