1. How to do a ballet bun: 

Needed for everyday class and performances.

We very encourage students to learn how to do their own bun. 

2. Foot strengthening exercises for pointe work

Your pointe is so important for achieving aesthetically pleasing lines in all dance genres. The following exercises are perfect for improving your pointe for ballet, jazz, contemporary and acro classes and building strength ready for pointe work in ballet. These should be done daily for all age groups

3. Drills to help you achieve your barani

A barani, sometimes called a side aerial is an skill in acro that is increasingly coming into other dance genre's. Here are some practice drills we use in class to help us achieve this skill. Student's are reminded in class,  lift (height) comes from the push off leg, the speed comes the kick of the back leg.

Remember don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong!