"My daughter has gained so much confidence,strength and flexibility since she joined Elevation. Thank yo so much !"  Narelle Huble - Elévation Parent  for 12 years and counting

With so many classes, we are sure to offer what your child loves! Check out the video's below to see which style sparks your interest. We happy to offer assistance if you need help deciding.

- Ballet:

Classical Ballet is the best foundation to all aspects of the performing arts, teaching posture, discipline and confidence. At Elévation our students love the syllabus elements of creativity, teamwork co-operation and musical appreciation, safe dance, anatomy and french terminology.  Our senior students are taken by Miss Karen to have pointe shoes professionally fitted personally. The balance of syllabus work and learning actual routines mean students have the joy of performance whilst mastering the technical skill required to be a ballet dancer.

- Jazz

Jazz is a high-energy dance style and your child will increase their fitness, flexibility and musical rhythm from these classes. Students love how upbeat and exciting our classes are. Jazz is a fast-paced form of dance to pop music. there are many opportunies to gain confidence from participating in optional performance opportunities. 

- Tap

Our tap students develop their sense of rhythm, coordination, sound and gross motor skills. With a combination of old and modern dance. Students master fast tap, slow tap and waltz styles whilst having fun and love having the opportunity to make as much noise as they like! Tap is a perfect style for those aspiring to be the next Fred Astaire, Billy Elliott or part of the Tap Dog’s crew.

- Acrobatics

Acrobatics  or acro is the specialised art of jumping, tumbling, and balancing, requiring agility and skilful control of the body. Your child will love learning strengthening & flexibility exercises, tumbling (forward and back), hand stands, cartwheels (two and one handed), round offs  (two and one handed), jumps, flips, baranis, somersaults, aerials (forward and side).

At Elévation classes are based on ability not age so they can progress at their own rate.

- Contemporary

Contemporary/Lyrical classes are designed to teach modern dance through a progression of physical and creative skills, choreography, and improvisation. Simultaneously students progress into an understanding of technique, creativity, musicality, self-growth and artistry. Contemporary is a modern dance style that is lyrical and flowing but not as discipled as classical ballet and is seen on the popular show “So You Think You Can Dance”.    

- Hip-hop

Hip-Hop was originally a street-style of dance from the Bronx in New York. It is an urban, free, funky and soulful expression of movement that is constantly evolving and used in music videos by artists such as Usher, Justice crew and Rhianna. Students will learn cutting edge choreography in a variety of styles to RnB and Hip-Hop music.

For those wishing to take their dancing to the next level, we offer

Performance Troupes

with entry by invitation

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